Brigid the Fiery Arrow By Phoenix LeFae

It was cold outside with the dusk of early night just starting to settle over my town. I sat in a comfortable wooden chair surrounded by soft candlelight. I was nervous and excited for the event that was about to take place. I was about to take on a huge responsibility. I was ready to make a bold statement to the world, by stepping into a place in my spiritual life that I had never gone before.

A beautiful calm Priestess fluttered around me getting all the preparations ready for the event. We did not normally work together spiritually, but I had known her for many years and trusted no one else to this ritual. My arm was resting on a table in front of me with my wrist facing up. Between the flickering of candles, the sacred space my Priestess friend had created and the music playing in the background I was in altered space ready for my dedication to begin.

Finally the Priestess came to sit across from me, my arm serving as a barrier between our two bodies. “You ready?” she said with a smile playing across her lips. I had never been so ready in all my life, but my nerves were keyed up and the words could not find their way to my mouth, so I nodded eagerly instead. She showed me the stencil of the Brigids Cross that she had created and gently placed it on my wrist. When the stencil was in place she looked up at me smiling once again. “Here we go” she said. There was a feeling of anxiousness as I waited for the needle to pierce into my flesh.

I was giving myself to Her, to Brigid. I was having her symbol forever embedded in my flesh. The Priestess turned on the tattoo machine causing the tiny needles to quickly vibrate up and down. She put the tip of the sacred tattoo machine into the black ink and brought it over to my arm. I took a deep breath and focused on the picture of Brigid we had set up in the sacred space.

When the needle touched into my skin the pain was not what I expected. This was not my first tattoo, but all my others are in places where I could not watch them being created. The pain and discomfort of this tattoo was lessened by the fact that I could watch the mark being placed on my wrist, by the fact that a dedicated Priestess was going through the process with me and most importantly by Brigid being called in to witness. I was being born in dedication to her.

I find Brigid to be one of the most well rounded Deity I have worked with thus far. She is a healer and mis-wife, a poet and artist, as well as a creator and warrior. She is often called Fiery Arrow and she guards the sacred holy well, and the sacred holy flame. She is a Goddess of the Land, the Sea, and the Sky. She was so loved by the pre-Christian peoples that the church made her into a Saint and kept her holy day as a Christian celebration.

My first encounter with Her was several years ago during a trance where she called me “flame headed” and set me on fire. I didn’t know what any of it meant at the time, but now She calls to me like a moth to Her forge flame. She is gentle and strong, humble and wise, patient and soothing. Looking back, the signs that I would end up working with her are innumerable, but hind-sight is twenty-twenty.

The whole process took only a half an hour. Small black line connecting to small black line, forming a beautiful piece of Her forever on my skin. It took longer to set the sacred space than do the sacred working, but afterwards I felt elated. My energy level was vibrating at a high rate and I felt a fire in my head like I often do after an encounter with Brigid. I was standing at a new beginning, a beginning of my life as a Priestess of Brigid. I don’t know where this road might be leading, but I am excited for the ride.