About Global Goddess

Global Goddess is an organization for women who honor a feminine aspect of deity. Our mission is to provide spiritual support and practical assistance to Goddess women helping women worldwide. We do this by providing an online internet forum or sets of forums as places of refuge and dialogue for such women. Through these forums and in some cases in person at actual meetings or gatherings we seek to promote the ongoing and active participation in dialogue, personal communications, and a sense of community for the purpose of supporting each other as we each do our work in our own communities and in the world at large.

We hope to build a globally interactive internet communication network of women, first by promoting the active exchange of information and ideas on the main Global Goddess Chat list forum and on Facebook.

We hold as an organizational commitment the desire to:

  • Provide assistance with religious education and legal certification of clergy from within our membership.
  •  Provide opportunities for members to help support women’s rights worldwide.
  •  Promote Peace, teaching peaceful conflict resolution and anti-oppression.
  •  Stimulate, educate, and promote excellence among our members by helping them with educational and growth opportunities.
  •  Promote workshops for learning opportunities, offering guidelines and educational material for use at all levels.
  •  Promote and support women owned businesses as we are aware of them.
  •  Provide opportunities for self-empowerment for women everywhere.
  •  Embrace diversity among women and their families and to provide safe space, honoring cultural and spiritual differences.

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Goddess Women Helping Women Worldwide