Global Goddess Web of Light Circle

Beginning on Thursday, January 15th at 9:00 pm Eastern Time

Join us on Skype. Send your Skype name to Bendis

The purpose of the Web of Light is to reach out a hand, in love, to Sisters around the globe. Imagine your hand joining this giant Web of Light that hovers above the Earth. Reach out and take hold of a strand connecting you to others. Somewhere where two strands come together is a place that will feel just right for you. Walk forward and take your place. Hold this place on the Web and let the Web hold you. You hold and you are held in light.

We cast the Web of Light wherever there is suffering on earth. We also cast to people who are disturbed by the rise of negativity on earth and want to help in some way. There are women – who feel alone – fearful – isolated. We cast our Web of Light over them giving them hope and love.

We have taken this one step furter by using easy technology right at our fingertips.  Let us gather at a time (those who wish to do this) on Skype. Let us come together as Sisters, share this with each other and then as a Circle of Goddess Women, pull up our chairs, gather round, share stories – happy ones, sad ones, good days and bad – as women have done all through the ages.  Let us be real, together, open and vulnerable and share time and space together, reaching out and touching in meaningful ways, sharing our lights together.

Free Skype accommodates 10 women in a group video chat. We can create as many Circles of Light as we desire.  All it takes is women who wish to gather and do this!  Circles can be formed for times that work for you.  Won’t you join us in creating Global Goddess Webs of Light around the globe?

Here is an affirmation that you can learn and say, if you like, as you hold this giant Web of Light.

I am One Woman.
As One Woman, I can Change the World.
I am One Woman
With this Light, I can Change the World.

I am One Woman
As One Woman, I reach out to you.
I am All Woman
As All Woman, my heart touching You.

We are All Woman.
As All Woman, our light can Change the World.
We are All Woman
With Love and Light, We can change the World.

Many Blessings,
Bendis, Founding Mother

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