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GG logoAre you actively seeking to help women in your own community and globally? Would you like to hear how others are doing their work in the world? Do you sometimes have a need to talk with other women who share your interests, truths, and ideals? Do you sometimes feel all alone in this world? Do you hunger to learn and grow spiritually with other women? Would you like to meet, connect, and share stories with women who hold a common belief in the Feminine Divine?

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6 thoughts on “Join Global Goddess”

  1. I have long loved the work and beauty that is Global Goddess.

    Years ago I thought to apply for this Priestess Certification, but as we women so often do, I spiraled wildly upon the sacred path of beauty: creating, sharing, being… Only now, I find myself here again, ready and delighted to come full circle and manifest the vision that began a thought/dream seed.

    My birthday is on the Spring Equinox, a meaningful time of rebirth for me, thus, I will complete the requirements asked for to nurture, fulfill and blossom this seed into being. I joyfully bless myself with renewed dedication to this sistarhood.

    Leesa, The Gypsy Priestess

  2. How do I join? I am a member on Facebook, but I clicked the link on this page to join and it didn’t work.

    1. sorry I just now saw this, Kelli! Comments are supposed to come to me in an email but that didn’t happen! There was an error (typo) in the email address that comes up when you click join. However, the Yahoo Group is not very active so being on facebook is good. Being there means you have joined! Thank you for letting me know about the error!

  3. Hello, Deanne, I don’t see an email address anywhere, so please excuse my communicating here.

    I have followed your writing on FAR for a couple of years now. I have tremendous respect for the insightful writing in FAR, and I want to make sure that it is represented in an ebook I am editing. The book is titled “Yo, Sis! Top Gurus Talk To Their Sisters About Online Business”.

    You and I know that “business” is a whole lot more than money, and I would like our readers to hear your message to your sisters, whether it is a letter, a note, a tweet, an image, etc. It could even be a link to something you’ve already created.

    This is a FREE publication — there is no charge to you or to the reader. To find out more, go to .

    I have a tentative deadline of Sept. 1, so let me know if you are interested.


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