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Welcome to the application process to become a priestess for Global Goddess. Since the visioning of Global Goddess, it was our founding mother’s strong desire to be able to protect women who wished to serve their community as clergy. During 2003, in light of an ever increasing religious right in government, Global Goddess organized as a “religious organization” intentionally so that we could offer women who are serving their communities as priestesses a legal process of credentialing as clergy to protect their status. We believe this is upholding a core American value of our right to religious freedom.

Guaranteed under the rights of the U.S. Constitution, we are entitled to gather for religious or spiritual reasons and to create for ourselves what are commonly called “churches or religious organizations” for that purpose. A church is not required to be a non-profit organization, nor is it required to be registered with the I.R.S. Organizations and churches do both of those things in order to obtain the right to be tax exempt and to receive donations that are tax exempt. At one time, Global Goddess was a non-profit corporation. However, in order to operate freely without structures that do not apply to a Goddess based spiritual path, we dissolved that corporation and became instead a Non-Governmental Organization, operating as a religious organization under which we may ordain clergy.

The application process has been designed with the intent that Global Goddess does not decide the worth of you as priestess. Your work and those with whom you work are the only criterion we use. Global Goddess trusts that all who apply for are aligned with Global Goddess’ values and beliefs and especially the pagan law of “do no harm.”

There are six stages to the application process. First familiarize yourself with Global Goddess values by surfing our website and determine if becoming a priestess through us is a good fit for you. Per requirements in the definition of “Church” you are required to be an active participant in Global Goddess. That process is facilitated by becoming a member and joining and participating on our e-list. As you familiarize yourself with Global Goddess, think of the ways that you could possibly contribute to Global Goddess. It is expected that all who are ordained as Global Goddess priestess will contribute in meaningful ways to the organization.

Because you will be representing Global Goddess as clergy, we ask that you help us within the Church. This would include an annual documentation of the work you are doing in your community, plus taking on a role within Global Goddess, such as monitoring discussions, sharing ritual, proofing or writing for the Oracle or perhaps bringing together women in your community in the name of Global Goddess. We welcome your exchange of energy, as it is through our clergy that we will build a dynamic organization. Based upon the definitions we have outlined below, we will consider your application for certification as Priestess.

Third write a biographical sketch of yourself. It is required that you include the following information:

1. Your education – training – as a priestess. This to include classes, online study, workshops, and self-study programs.
2. Your work – either within a group or in your community.
a. What service do you do for Goddess?
b. How do you minister to your community? This can be include your regular community but must include your work in your spiritual community.
c. How long have you been providing these services and where do you think becoming a priestess will take you?
d. Please include in your sketch an outline of your intentions of service for the future, including your intentions of service to Global Goddess. If you do not respond to these items, your application will not be considered.

Fourth, furnish at least two letters of recommendation (they should come directly from those who write them to the email address provided). The people who write the recommendations should be from the spiritual community you serve (not related to you) and should include:
1. Their relationship to you
2. In what ways you have served your community (to include examples) and for how long.

You may also furnish references from those in your regular life about work you might do of a charitable nature or in helping others.

Fifth, complete and return the Application (shown below).

All paperwork may be sent via e-mail to

Sixth, make a donation of $25 to cover administrative costs. Send donation to via PayPal

Once all the paperwork is received you will be notified of our decision. It is your responsibility to make sure we receive all of the documentation required. Once you have received your certificate from Global Goddess you will need to verify with your state what their laws are for practicing as clergy. In some states legal certification is required to obtain a “license to practice.” It varies from state to state and you can obtain this information from your county clerk office.

Global Goddess Definition of Priestess

We recognize that in the women’s community there is widespread controversy on the “title” of high priestess. Many pagans use both priestess and high priestess to reference their clergy. We at Global Goddess have chosen to ony use the designation as priestesses. A priestess is one who has chosen to serve the Goddess, however she chooses to see Her. She may honor both Goddess and God. Global Goddess believes that each woman comes to the Divine as she needs, and that all ways are beautiful. Her path of service is one using her own skills and abilities and the commitment is her own as witnessed by the Goddess. She may have a specialty, or several specialties, and may also learn and use all of the skills and training one expects from their clergy, such as ritual, counseling, organizer, teacher, healer, etc. Her ordination as priestess entitles her to perform those functions as clergy within her community such as weddings, hand fastings, the rites and passages of those she serves, as well as final rites at death.

Copy and paste this statement into an email and send to

Application for Certification as Priestess through Global Goddess

I ________________swear that all that I have shared through my application to become a Priestess is a true reflection of my knowledge experience, and intention. I understand that Global Goddess is certifying me in perfect love and perfect trust. As a priestess of Global Goddess, I understand and agree with the core objectives of the Church: to promote peaceful and unimpeded opportunities for women around the world to meet in honor, celebration and worship of the Goddess in whatever form or forms she chooses to reveal Herself to us, or by whatever name or names She would be known; to promote the keeping of the ancient and sacred (holy) days/holidays of the Wheel of the Year and the cycles of Nature; to work within Global Goddess by volunteering for work within that promotes and assists in the growth of Global Goddess. I also understand that Global Goddess makes no judgment as to my personal practice, nor will in any way attempt to control how I choose to honor my ministry. My contract to serve is with the Goddess and She serves as my judge and witness.

I, __________________, do of my own free will and desire, with strength, sincerity, and devotion solemnly swear that I will dedicate my life to Goddess’ service, using my power wisely and with the respect that it deserves. All this I swear, witnessed by my references, Goddess and the Elements present here with me.

Also please provide the following and we will be in touch with you.
City, State, Zipcode
Telephone Number
E-mail Address
Birth Date
Name of Reference #1
Name of Reference #2

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3 thoughts on “Priestess Certification”

  1. Does it cost anything to get a Priestess certificate? Also, is a donation required or optional?

    1. Here are the complete guidelines for applying. Click here
      There is an application fee of $25 to cover administrative costs.
      The process is detailed but should be easy to follow. It does require documentation from your community showing that you are out there doing the work. Blessings. Bendis

  2. Hello,
    I am very interested in applying for the certification of being a Priestess. I feel I have everything you are requiring for application, BUT… I live in Canada. I am wondering if I will be able to apply and have this certification in Canada. It’s not so much for clergy, but for being recognized as this in my community, because I believe this is what I already am. Thank you and god bless,
    Nicole Powell


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