Solitary Vernal Equinox Ritual By Dawn “Belladonna” Thomas

Background for This Ritual: This ritual has been written for daytime to enjoy the warmth, light, and greening earth.  As Kore/Persephone reemerges from the underworld, animals return from their winter hibernation, and others migrate back home.

Preparation: Items needed for this ritual include the following:

  • White altar cloth (white representing the maiden goddess)
  • Four green altar candles for the directions (a symbol of the greening of the land)
  • A lavender candle (representing the Goddess)
  • One black candle (representing the winter)
  • One white candle (representing the spring)
  • Matches to light the candles
  • Colored eggs (gifts for the goddess)
  • Dried pomegranate seeds
  • Small cauldron
  • Cut flowers to mark the circle
  • Seeds (for intentions)
  • Feather from Canada goose (a symbol of spring's return when the geese migrate back to Canada)
  • Background music

Casting the Circle: Lay flowers on the floor as you cast your circle and say:

Equal is the light and dark,
With these gifts my circle I mark
As warm sunlight greens the earth,
The Maiden dances for the flowers birth.

Light the black candle on the altar.

Calling the Goddess: (After calling the goddess, light the lavender or purple candle on the altar.)

Lady of the Flowers, who gives the world form, as your web of life renews the earth, light that sparks within me to awaken my soul.  Join me in this sacred circle.  Bring light and life and growth to my rite and my life.  Be with me this day.

Calling the Elements: (After calling each direction, light a green candle on the altar.)

Spirits of the East, Element of Air, may I sail on the golden wings of dawn.  Clean away the staleness of winter with a soft breeze.  Be with me this day.

Spirits of the South, Element of Fire, bring the heat of Spring to warm my days.  Warm the seeds to emerge from the womb of the earth.  Be with me this day.

Spirits of the West, Element of Water, let my soul flow in the warmth of your waters.  Bless the land with dew-kissed mornings.  Be with me this day.

Spirits of the North, Element of Earth, let me be connected to the trees and flowers.  Bring beauty to the green meadows.  Be with me this day.

Light the white candle from the black one to represent the light half of the year taking power from the dark half, saying:

Welcome, Waxing Light.

Put the black candle out, leaving the white one to burn until the end of the ritual; it can be lit on successive evenings until it is burned down, thus lighting the path of spring.

While in front of the altar, hold the seeds in one hand, and cover with your other hand.  Imagine your wish or intentions.  Send this energy and vision from you into the seeds.  Visualize your wish coming to fruition.  (After your ritual, put the seeds in a place where you will see them frequently - until they can be planted - and be reminded of your intention.)

Call forth the power of Persephone:

"Blessed be the coming of spring,
The spring of Persephone,
Who blesses the earth with life.
I feel you, Persephone, nearer and stronger,
Your love for your land and your people
Blessing and restoring us once more.
The pull of the pomegranate weakens
And you are with us again.
I feel you, my virgin goddess,
And welcome you home again."

Toss the dried pomegranate seeds into the small cauldron and light them with a match.

Closing: Extinguish the altar candles in the reverse order that they were lit.

Releasing the Elements

Spirits of the West, you nourish the land with your waters.  Thank you for joining me today.  Hail and farewell.

Spirits of the South, your fire provides new beginnings.  Thank you for joining me today.  Hail and farewell.

Spirits of the East, your breeze is the warming air.  Thank you for thank you for joining me today.  Hail and farewell.

Spirits of the North, you bring forth new life.  Thank you for thank you for joining me today.  Hail and farewell.

Release the Goddess
Lady of the Flowers, I ask that your blessings remain in my heart and that I live in harmony with all that dwell on this earth.  Thank you for your presence this day.  Hail and farewell.

Raise your arms as you face your altar, and say:
As all good things must sometimes end,
Go forth with the love the Goddess sends.
The circle is open but never unbroken,
Blessed Be.

Break open and scatter the colored eggs outside for the wildlife to eat.  Return the pomegranate seed ashes to the underworld by burying them.